Brown Sage (Salvia Africana-lutea)

fynbos trail; fynbos; brown sage

Brown Sage (Salvia Africana-lutea)

Right on our doorstep we have a plant that can be used as a tea to help with coughs and colds as well as in potpourri. It is the brown sage, currently in flower (July/Aug). This aromatic shrub has orange-brown flowers and is very attractive to sunbirds. This is an ideal plant for a natural fynbos garden. The tea can be made by pouring 1 cup of boiling water over a short sprig of leaves, leave to stand for 5 minutes and sweeten with honey.

All #fynbosfact info is taken from the “Field Guide to the Flora of Grootbos Nature Reserve and the Walker Bay region” by Sean Privett & Heiner Lutzeyer.

Hikers who do the fully guided and catered trail receive a copy of this incredible book as a gift.

fynbos; brown sage, fynbos trail

Brown Sage (Salvia Africana-lutea)



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