The Arum Lily Frog

arum lily frog

The Arum lily frog, often found hiding in Arum lilies (Zantedeschia aethiopica) which it uses as camouflage and waits patiently for prey. This remarkable little frog is able to effect considerable changes in skin colour over short periods of time. It occurs between the Cape Peninsula and Mossel Bay and is becoming increasingly rare through destruction and pollution of its wetland habitat.

Some 9 years ago after the completion of the pond in front of Grootbos’¬†Garden Lodge (where Fynbos Trail hikers enjoy their celebration lunch on completion of the trail) it made its first appearance at Grootbos, 4km from the closest permanent water body!

This shows again how important it is to create natural habitats in gardens for wildlife and another reason why we should be protecting and restoring our wetland habitats.


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