Hikers help save forest

Thanks to hikers on the Fynbos Trail the beautiful Stinkhoutsbos forest on Flower hikers-forest1Valley has a much brighter future. Many of the mature Black stinkwoods (Ocotea bullata) and other canopy trees were removed from the forest by Italian prisoners during the Second World War. As a result unnatural openings were created in the forest canopy allowing flammable plants to establish in the gaps. With every successive fire the forest has gradually been eroded away, until following the massive wild fire of 2006 only approximately 40% of the original forest area remains.

Our lunch on the second day of the Fynbos Trail is enjoyed within one of the remaining patches of the Stinkhoutsbos Forest next to the Flower valley stream that has its sourrce deep in the upper reaches of the forest. Each of our hikers has the opportunity to plant a locally grown indigenous tree that naturally occurs in the Forest as part of our effort to rehabilitate this magnificent forest.

We have already planted 79 trees and are looking forward to our hikers planting many more in the coming years.

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